Discover fine wines: the very essence of exception

We are proud to present our new range of fine wines, an exclusive selection of superior vintages that embody elegance and exceptional quality. We’ve personally introduced this to a few of you already. We have started a partnership with a local importer specialized in fine French wines to broaden our qualitative French wine offering.

Every month, we select a handful of their best value-for-money fine wines/Champagne they will have to offer, and we will send the list to anyone interested.

But what are fine wines? 

These wines are prestigious first and foremost not because they are more expensive, but because of the dedication to their production. This can include an exceptional vintage, single vineyard terroir, and expensive time and materials.

Fine wines are the fruit of an exceptional viticultural heritage, harvested in renowned wine-growing regions where ideal terroir and climate conditions combine to produce grapes of remarkable quality. Cru’s were developed over hundreds of years to be smaller and smaller parcels and vineyards within a region that have a highly specific mix of soils, that when grown in ideal conditions produces a wine that can lead the drinker on a transcendent experience. In addition, more care is put into these wines; every grape is hand picked, evaluated, then gently moved to the facility for pressing.
Specific regions are often renowned for their terroirs, climate, winegrowing traditions and/or specific production techniques. Indeed, winemakers often take greater care in making fine wines, using finer oaks and longer aging periods. The cellaring process is closely monitored for months, even years, until the wine is just right, and oftentimes not blended to showcase the incredible quality of the terroir. The time, effort and quality devoted to the wines translates into a higher price point and a better experience and enjoyment for the consumer.

What sets our fine wines apart is their rarity, aromatic complexity, balanced structure, and incredible cellaring potential. We attach great importance to our wines and their history: that’s why many of them come from small family estates and confidential vineyards. Each wine has a story of innovation, harvesting techniques, unique terroir, or other characteristic to set it apart from the vast amount of wine produced in France.
Each wine we offer is carefully selected for its exceptional character and ageing potential.

How does it work?

To provide you with a privileged experience, we offer a preview selection to our customers. Our exclusive selection of fine wines will be presented to you with detailed tasting notes and food pairing advice. It’s a unique opportunity to discover wine nuggets and enrich your cellar with treasures that are difficult to find.
To be part of this list and receive exclusive offers, send us an e-mail at or!

Our offer evolves according to the wines available, as we have access to very a limited quantity of each wine.
Every 4 to 6 weeks, for those who subscribe to our newsletter and are interested in our fine wines (ask Julia to be added if you are not already), we send out an exclusive selection, enabling you to order these wines before anyone else. We then put the remaining stock on the site.

When our customers write to us to order a wine that’s no longer available, we can always recommend one from our supplier, or find you an alternative that will satisfy you just as much.

For these wines, it is exceptionally possible to order individual bottles.


Domaine Henriot – Cuvée Hemera – Brut Champagne 2006

Maison Les Alexandrins – Cote Rotie 2020

Domaine Henriot – Millesime – Brut Rosé Champagne 2012

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