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Discover Pinot: its history, its varieties and its delicate aromas

Explore somMailier Wine Club! Pinot is one of the most popular family of grape varieties in the wine world. It is known for its subtle aromas and its ability to reflect the terroir from

Exploring the perfect chocolate and wine pairings for Easter

Discover the perfect marriage between chocolate and wine for Easter! This Easter, what better way to celebrate this special occasion than with chocolate and wine? Pairing chocolate and wine can create exquisite flavor harmonies

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Sauternes: Your Guide to France’s Favorite Dessert Wine

Explore somMailier Wine Club! Over the years, sweet wines have fallen out of fashion. Unfortunately, this means many people are missing out on exceptional dessert wines and are unfamiliar with the tips and tricks

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La Chandeleur Celebrations: Elevating Your Wine and Crepe Pairings

OR NEW SHIPMENT HAS ARRIVED! CLICK HERE TO STOCKED UP ON WINE The French Art of Wine and Crepe Pairing French crepes are a beloved tradition in France and have been enjoyed for generations.

Discover our advice on the best food and wine pairing for your holiday meals!

LOOKING FOR A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS? CLICK HERE TO SHARE A SOMMAILIER MEMBERSHIP The holidays are approaching and with them, the inevitable meals. Let's face it, it's a pleasure to lovingly choose, one by

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