Get to Know Us: Bonjour from the somMailier Team!

Thanks to our amazing wine club members and customers, the somMailier team is growing! Read more to get to know us – our names, our hobbies, and, of course, our favorite wines.

Get to Know Laurent Yung – CEO & Co-Founder

Get to Know Us - Laurent Yung, CEO & Co-Founder

Originally from Bordeaux, France, Laurent has also lived in Sweden, New York, and Paris. In 2013, he moved to San Diego, California, with his wife Elise and their three children. In September of 2017, he launched somMailier wine club with the goal of bringing fantastic, small-production French wines to customers’ doorsteps in the US.

In his spare time, Laurent enjoys fishing, cooking paella, poker, golf, tennis, volleyball, and having friends over.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, the first place on his list to visit is France, of course!

Laurent’s Favorite Wine:
Chateau de Portets red or La Fleur des Pins white. He loves to pair La Fleur des Pins with oysters!

Favorite Drink that Is Not Wine:

Favorite Food:
Gratin Dauphinois


Get to Know Elise Yung – Co-Founder

Get to Know Us - Elise Yung - Co-Founder of somMailier

Elise is originally from France and met Laurent in 1998. As part of the founding journey of somMailier, Elise has seen each stage, from a dream to a real-life business that starts creating jobs.

In her free time, Elise likes to eat, read, and sleep – life’s greatest pleasures!

Elise misses her family in France and plans on visiting once travel restrictions are lifted and it feels safe to do so.

Elise’s Favorite Wine:
La Fleur des Pins white and Chateau Coussin.  When Elise started the journey with her husband, she swore she hated white wines and only drank reds. La Fleur des Pins with oysters was the first to change her mind, and then she tried Chateau Coussin and “fully converted to the light side of the force!”

Favorite Drink that is Not Wine:
Water (stay hydrated!)

Favorite Food:
Blanquette de Veau


Get to Know Patrick Yung – Sourcing Partner – CEO & Co-Owner of LAPLACE CDP

Get to Know Us - Patrick Yung

Patrick grew up with his brother Laurent in Bordeaux, France, and now lives in Paris. He has been working with somMailier to source our fantastic wine since the beginning.

Patrick enjoys do-it-yourself activities, such as woodworking, and he also likes fishing and walking with his family.

Once he begins traveling again, Patrick wants to visit Italy.

Patrick’s Favorite Wine:
Chateau Bonnange
and “all the very good selections we’ve made from the beginning” – it really is hard to go wrong!

Favorite Drink that is Not Wine:
Anisette – a refreshing drink made with Anis plants

Favorite Food:
Oysters – simple with pepper


Get to Know Pierre Guillemin – Commercial & Purchase Director at LAPLACE CDP

Get to Know Us - Pierre Guillemin

Originally from Burgundy, France, Pierre now lives in Paris and works with Patrick at LAPLACE CDP. One of Pierre’s many roles within LAPLACE is discovering unique small-batch wines, like the ones we enjoy through our wine club.

In his free time, Pierre likes to go fishing and hunting with his dog, Canelle.

When travel restrictions are lifted, Pierre plans on returning to Burgundy.

Favorite Wine:
and the Lirac

Favorite Drink that is Not Wine:

Favorite Food:
Burgundy food


Get to Know Kelly Gardner – Marketing Assistant

Get to Know Us - Kelly Gardner - Marketing at somMailier

Eight years ago, Kelly moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to San Diego, California, to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego, and she’s never going back to the snow!

Kelly joined the somMailier team in July of 2020, working on all things marketing. (Pssst… We’re on Facebook and Instagram!)

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys trying new restaurants, creating craft cocktails at home, traveling, spending time with her friends and family, and reading on the couch with her dog.

Kelly’s list of places she wants to travel to is ever-growing. She visited Paris and Lyon in 2015 and would love to return, explore more of France, and visit some of the incredible vineyards we source from.

Kelly’s Favorite Wine:
Château La Genestière Lirac or the Chateau Bethanie Fruitiere d’Arbois. Like Elise, she also used to really dislike white wines, but she might be converting, too. She recently tried the Château Bethanie Fruitière d’Arbois Jura and was surprised at how much she loved it.

Favorite Drink that is Not Wine:
A drink she and her boyfriend made that they call the “bananas foster”, which they make by shaking up butter-washed bourbon, banana liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and ice then serving it up in a coupe glass.

Favorite Food:

Junie B. Jones

Get to Know Julia Tinsley – Operations & Customer Service Manager

Get to Know Us - Julia Tinsley - Warehouse Coordinator at somMailier

Originally from Roseville, California, a city in the Sacramento area, Julia now lives in Solana Beach, California.

Julia is somMailier’s most recent hire, joining the team right before the 2020 holiday season. She ensures that all of our wine is properly stored, packed, and shipped. Julia is also the one handwriting all of our messages for gift shipments, and her writing is beautiful!

Reading, cooking, and studying wine are some of Julia’s favorite hobbies. She hopes to one day gain her Sommelier certification.

Once travel restrictions lift, Julia wants to visit Costa Rica. She previously planned a vacation there, but like so many others, she had to put that trip on hold.

Julia’s Favorite Wine:
Chateau Real Martin red – Julia loves how the dark fruit is balanced with a good tannic structure, and it pairs well with food!

Favorite Food:
Pizza – “always say yes to pizza.”

Wickett Night-Fury

Get to Know the Dogs of somMailier

Get to Know Us - The Dogs of somMailier Wine Club

From our small but mighty team at somMailier, Santé!

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