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Sommailier French Wine Club How It Works
Patrick Yung and Pierre Guillermin
somMailier Wine Club


Our family and wine experts in France delve into hundreds of handcrafted wines to truly discover the best and most reflective wines of their particular region.

Choose Your Wine Subscription of Gift


You decide whether you want to receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles every shipment (or for a certain number of shipments if for a gift). You then select what type of wines you’d like to receive (reds, whites or a mix). It’s that simple.

Laurent and Lucien Yung
somMailier - Wine Delivery


Every 3 months, your package will be shipped directly to your door (or to your gift recipient’s door) and will include information about each wine and its winemaker. With SomMailier, you or your friends get the full tasting experience!

Sommailier French Wine How it Works
Taste French Wine


Just relax and enjoy your selection with friends and family. You can even impress them with stories behind each of your exclusively SomMailier wines!

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