Our story.

Every great adventure starts on a vineyard.

“To us, wine is all about family”

It’s been flowing through our veins for 5 generations. Soils have been plowed and vines have been cultivated, always with love, passion, and extreme dedication. A lot of people envy us when we share our family story and traditions, because most people think running a vineyard is a romantic trade. In practice though, nothing could be further from the truth. Winemaking is one of the hardest, most arduous jobs one could undertake – more of a devotion, than a job, really. When you are a wine producer, you learn how to handle the unexpected, learn from your experiences, press on and stand tall.

A real school of life!

Sommailer French Wine Story

For one, think about the hazardous weather conditions – imagine working day and night to build a good product, only to see your dreams washed away in a day. When you spend half a year giving everything you have to Mother Nature, and all your hard-earned work is destroyed with a bit of hail or frost, you learn that you need to be strong. We’ve seen our grandfathers and fathers going through this very experience. They always advised us against following in their footsteps, to be good at school and to study ‘something else’. The precarious life of a winemaker wasn’t what they wished for their daughters & sons…

“But this is a love story”

A love story between the man and his soil; with trust in nature and an acceptance of fate. You may suffer in winemaking, but you’ll never end this sacred relationship. The vineyard on which you were born and raised will be a part of you forever.

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It all started in our youth. Growing up on a vineyard felt like the perfect way of life for us. The space, amazing landscapes, smells, the joyful humming during the harvest…we were all witnesses to the gift of true human labor, filled with sweat and heart, with body and soul. Your daily tasks performed with noble reasons behind them. You know it, and you feel you have no choice when you are a grown-up, you just don’t want to do anything else with your life! This mission is even spreading around to our own kids. We cannot help it, wine is our heritage.

Sommailier French Wine Tradition

Our Tradition

This tradition began many years ago, as our family of travelers and entrepreneurs first started growing vines around the Mediterranean, and expanded through the years. There are currently 4 different branches of Yung descendants cultivating almost 1,000 hectares of vines in Bordeaux and producing up to 5 million bottles each year. Our reunions are animated, full of love, life, and respect. With all of us working in the same field for so many years, we’ve grown to support and understand each other’s lives very well.

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We are all producing various type of wine, with various tastes. This is because putting two different men on the same piece of earth, they will still produce two totally different wines. In each bottle of wine, you can access the part of the soul of each wine maker. That is the beauty of this job.

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One major goal of SomMailier is to spread the family tradition of French wines across the USA. Along with our family, we’ve also established deep connections with some of the finest small-batch wineries across France, they are all part of this adventure. Not only do we offer you unique French wines, but the chance for you, your family and friends to join us in this adventure, for this unique human experiment.

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