• Domaine Ortola – Cuvée Nautica – Languedoc Blanc 2021

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    Region: Languedoc Tasting Notes: Aromas of peach and flower with flavors of peach, apricot, slightly woody, with a final of toasted hazelnut Blend: Blend of 70% Vermentino, 20% Grenache blanc, 10% Viognier Hold Time: Now or up to 5 years Alcohol: 13% Pair With: This fresh and fruity wine will pair well with crab or chicken salads, white fish with butter sauce, asparagus, and pizzas with a lot of veggies
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    The wines included in these packages were chosen based on the Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide at Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide at WineClubReviews.net.. They will pair perfectly with the cheese assortment for each type of wine. Each one-time shipment of handcrafted wines includes information about the wine and region. Order our specially curated packages for the pairings here, or shop the wines individually. Package Options:
    1. Château de Portets 2016 – Graves red, Domaine Ortola - Cuvee Nautica Languedoc 2021 , & Comte Jean Marechal 2020 – Sancerre
    2. Château de Portets 2016 – Graves red, Comte Jean Marechal 2020 – Sancerre, & Champagne Duc de Chancay


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