• Comte de Monspey – Le Débuché – Fleurie 2020

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    Region: Fleurie Cru, Beaujolias Tasting Notes: Aroma of rose, red fruits and violet. Bright and fruity flavor with subtle tannins, ripe plums and black cherry with a hint of sweet spices in the finish Blend: 100% Gamay Hold Time: Now or up to 5 years Alcohol: 13% Pair With: Beaujolais is easy to pair with...even fish like grilled tuna or salmon. You can have it with pasta and veggie dishes, salads, charcuterie, chicken Basquaise or with tarragon. Try it with tasty cheese like Brie or Roquefort, and finally chocolate mousse.  
  • Domaine de La Renne – Cuvée Variation – Touraine 2021

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    Region: Touraine, Middle Loire, Loire Valley Tasting Notes: Pale garnet color with aromas prunes, dates and earth, with the classic hints of bubblegum. Dry and light bodied with intangible yet gritty tannins, the theme of overripe black fruits, however fresh blueberries underripe blackberry and cherries all make their appearance for a complex blend of fruits. Blend: 100% Gamay Hold Time: Now or up to 5 years Pair With: Funky cheeses and goat cheese, grilled sausage, grilled portabella, lamb or marinated chicken dishes.  
  • Domaine Montangeron – Fleurie 2020

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    Region: Fleurie Cru, Beaujolais Tasting Notes: Iris, and red fruit. Bright, floral, and fruit forward with a light, energetic body and barely-there tannins. Blend: 100% Gamay Hold Time: Now or hold up to 6 years. But best drunk young. Alcohol: 13.5% Pair With: Creamy cheese like Brie or Camembert, and goat cheese. Light fish and seafood dishes, and of course a charcuterie.
  • Julien Chantreau – Beaujolais Cru Chiroubles 2019

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    Region: Chiroubles Cru AOC, Beaujolais Tasting Notes: Aromas of ripe red berries. Very fresh. Good balance between sweetness and acidity. Hints of berries, violet and spices. Blend: 100% Gamay Hold Time: Now or up to 7 years Alcohol: 13.5% Pair With: This fruity wine will pair well with chicken, creamy cheese, roasted pork with apples, tapas and chocolate recipes.
  • Vignerons de Bel-Air – Saint-Amour 2022

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    Region: Saint-Amour Cru, Beaujolais Tasting Notes: Black fruits, blueberries and plums with dried notes of prunes and dates form a surprisingly light body with a hint of classic bubblegum. Earthy mushroom and cassis mingle with dark baking chocolate to form a robust tannic structure and lingering baking spice finish. Blend: 100% Gamay Hold Time: Now or up to 3 years Alcohol: 13.5% Pair With: Chicken dishes, grilled lamb and lightly spiced pork chops. Creamy and aged earthy cheese with salty cured meats. Truffle fries or Mediterranean spiced grilled vegetables.  


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