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Chateau de Fontcreuse – Cotes de Provence 2018

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Fontcreuse literally translates to “hollow fount” – Click Here for the Meaning Behind this Name and the Story of this Wine

Tasting Notes: Nose of white fruits, peach and citrus. Vivacious and fresh flavor with a taste of pear and ripe peach and a hint of aniseed.

Blend: 50% Rolle, 50% ugni blanc

Hold Time: Now or up to 3 years

Alcohol: 13%

Pair With: This wine will be deliciously refreshing with all kinds of fish and sea food. You can have it with sushi and sashimi, or simply as an aperitif with mixed tapas.

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It was at the beginning of the 18th century that the residence was endowed with running water, a rarity indeed at that time. The source of the water was underground springs, that fed a gallery hollowed out under the hill that supplied the estate and its outbuildings with water, hence the name Château “FONTCREUSE”(literally hollow fount)

Until the 1920s, mixed farming was practiced at FONTCREUSE as it was at all Provencal agriculture estates. It was only in 1922, when acquired by Colonel Teed, that the Château de FONTCREUSE began to move towards viticulture. Colonel Teed, a British officer of the Indian army loved to holiday on the French Riviera. During one of his peregrinations, he discovered Cassis and literally fell in love with the place. He then decided to settle there and acquired the Château de FONTCREUSE.

In 1953, the Domaine de FONTCREUSE became the property of Joseph Maffei, although still under the British flag, so to speak and in 1987, he transmitted FONTCREUSE to Jean François Brando.

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