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Domaine Deveney-Mars 2017 – Côteaux Bourguignons

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Another Impeccable Wine from the Deveney-Mars Team – Click Here for the Story of this Wine

Tasting Notes: Cherry, raspberry, and a hint of banana. Pleasant and fruity with well balanced sweetness and acidity.

Blend: 100% Gamay

Hold Time: Now or up to 5 years

Alcohol: 12%

Pair With: Easily paired with a variety of foods if they are not too spicy or strong. White or delicate meats, poultry, hams and charcuterie, pasta dishes and steamed vegetables. Also, can be paired with fish for people who do not like white wines.

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Domaine Deveney-Mars 2017 – Côteaux Bourguignons

This new appellation was created in 2011 to allow winemakers in Burgundy the freedom to make wines using different local grape varietals adapted to their terroirs. This can result in many different wines depending on the grapes used and the talent of the winemaker.


This is a young wine, made by young people. Two young men, Lionel Deveney and Jeremy Mars had a dream and a passion for wine. They began with 30 acres in 2014 and are now rising stars in the wine business. They produce a wide range of wines on several terroirs. All their wines are made and bottled in their chai at Bligny Les Beaune.

Severine and Lionel Deveney oversee commerce and marketing. Jeremy Mars is the winemaker. The charming domain is also a romantic Bed and Breakfast place, welcoming visitors.

The Gamay gives a tender, light and fruity wine that is easy to drink even when young.

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