Domaine Petroni – Corsica Blanc 2021

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Region: Vins de Corse AOC, Corsica

Tasting Notes: Fresh and balanced, hints of stone fruits and exotic citrus. Vivacious with a bright minerality and fresh stonefruit flavors, enjoyed by a long dry finish.

Blend: 100% Rolle

Hold Time: Now or up to 5 years

Alcohol: 12%

Pair With: This wine will pair well with seafood, chicken, or pasta – but try to use tarragon, shallots, aniseed or fennel in your recipes. It will also pair well with Italian dishes and goat cheese.



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Domaine Petroni 2021 – Corse

The vineyard is on the bank of the Diana laguna in the middle of Corsica’s eastern coast. A wonderful setting overlooking the sea, with a typical house and winery made from white stones. There is a long sandy beach or lido between the laguna and the sea. The domain is managed by the Ramazotti brothers, Jacques and François. They have 180 acres and produce red and rose wines and have won several awards.

This Rolle, also called Vermentino, probably comes from Turkey. It likes sun and heat and being near the sea. It is also grown in Italy, Sardinia and Provence, and catching on in California. Traditional techniques are used while also respecting the environment. Bottles, labels, and crates are made from recycled materials and eco-certified corks are used. Grape picking occurs during the night to prevent oxidation and preserve the grapes from the heat. Greenish yellow in color, it has very distinctive taste.

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