Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Wine Region: Vouvray, Touraine, Middle Loire, Loire Valley

Tasting Notes: This wine is only produced in very special years, when the conditions are perfect for Botrytis. The grapes are then hand picked, one grape at a time to produce this exceptional nectar. Golden coloring leads to an almost delicate nose of roasted figs, apricot confit and marmalade. Hint of acidity balances the residual sugar in the wine and the honeyed apple sweetness. A rich body demonstrates complicated flavors of caramel, candied fruits, and mandarin oranges.   This is a true rarity, to find a budget friendly, old vintage wine with exceptional production standards.

When to Drink: Dessert wines can keep almost indefinitely, it’s wonderful to enjoy now, and it can keep for the next 50 years.

Pairings: This wine pairs with very funky cheeses, hard aged sharp cheeses, spicy and spicy dishes like yellow curry. Sweet desserts like caramelized fruit pastries, sorbet, macarons, apple pie, or cheesecake with compote are heavenly together.