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Michelas St Jemms Crozes Hermitage 2021 red

$38.00 + TAX & SHIPPING

Tasting Notes: Aroma of Raspberry and spices. Red berries and violet flavor. Very aromatic and well-balanced wine.

Blend: 100% Syrah

Hold Time: Now or up to 10 years

Pair With: This pleasant and tasty wine will accompany a whole meal. You can have it with barbecued meat, charcuterie, spicy dishes and cheeses.

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Robert and Yvette Michelas started the domain in 1961. The family now own 120 acres. Since 1988, their four children Sylvie, Florence, Corinne and Sebastien have taken over and produce wines on 4 famous appellations.

The undersoil is clay, lime and granite with a topsoil of pebbles from the Rhone river in the lowest parts… the slope is often steep so some parcels are hand harvested and horse- ploughed.

There are successive harvests to keep only the perfectly ripe grapes and this wine is kept in vats during all the maceration and fermentation process to preserve the fruity flavor until it is bottled. The wine is certified HEV, high environmental value, because they follow eco-friendly methods.


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