Blend: 100% Chardonnay

Wine Region: Blagny 1er Cru, Meursault, Côte de Beaune, Côte d’Or, Burgundy

Tasting Notes: Unique to Meursault, this wine embraces the classic minerality and flinty characteristics Chardonnay takes on from this specific terroir. On the nose, gentle notes of honey contrast with green apple and citrus. This wine has excellent concentration of flavor and a fat, powerful body with a long, almost buttery finish. This wine is the ideal of the region, balancing tropical fruits and citrus with hints of smoke, baking spice and a clean mineral acidity. The wonderfully full body, hints of almond and biscotti and vanilla on the nose are thanks to sitting on lees for 18 months during production in French oak barrels.

When to Drink: This wine is still a bit young, decant to drink now. But suggested to keep the next 10 years.

Pairing: Because of the lees ageing, this wine has a luxurious body with makes it able to pair well with clean spiced dishes like aguachile and ceviche. This wine can handle very creamy cheeses and dishes like blanquette or a shellfish pasta with cream sauce. Foie gras, poached seafood in butter, mild cured meats and rich salmon are all great pairings. One of the best, however, is nigiri sushi with rich fish like toro, yellow tail and opah.