Who we are.

The passion for wine runs deep in our veins.
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Laurent Yung

Co-founder & CEO

Laurent Yung grew up on his family’s vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France. Laurent comes from five generations of winemakers, and his passion for wine developed at an early age, through impassioned discussions of wine among his family. After receiving a degree in International Marketing and working in the business world for many years, Laurent decided to combine his passion for wine with his vast experience in marketing and sales. Through his family heritage and more particularly his brother Patrick, Laurent developed a multitude of connections among boutique vineyards across the French countryside. Laurent also noticed a lack of wine clubs in the American market featuring smaller, harder-to-find French wines. Laurent wanted to truly showcase the hidden jewels and lost treasures of French wine. And not soon after, Sommailier was born.

Elise Yung

Partner & co-founder

Elise Yung is Laurent’s wife and partner of 15 years. Together they have lived in various places around the world, such as Sweden, New York, Paris, Bordeaux and finally San Diego, where they settled in 2013 with their 3 children, Gabriel, Benjamin and Eva. Elise has explored the intricacies and subtleties of wine through her parents, who have made monthly blind wine tastings a family tradition for over 30 years!

Patrick Yung Sommailier President

Patrick Yung

President & owner of Laplace CDP France – sourcing partner

Patrick Yung is Laurent’s older brother and like Laurent, grew up deeply immersed in the culture of winemaking. After studying Business, Patrick decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and started working in the wine business. He joined Château Mouton Rothschild from 1992-2002, 1 of the top 5 first growths in Bordeaux. While working there, Patrick developed an in-depth knowledge of all the secrets within one of the most renowned winemakers in the world. He recently acquired a pristine wine distributor in Paris, which has been discovering and bringing to light exceptional boutique French wines since 1948. Sommailier is benefiting from his expertise and closely-tied network to bring these wines to the United States.

Pierre Guillemin

expert curator, Laplace CDP

Pierre Guillemin works with Laurent’s brother, Patrick at LaPlace CDP in Paris. He has been curating extraordinary French boutique wines for over 20 years and has been an incredible partner to Patrick since he bought LaPlace. Pierre has had different roles within LaPlace, most notably in discovering unique small-batch wineries and helping bring their exceptional wines to places like renowned luxury hotel groups such as Accord or Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, the Culinary Institute of Paris, and even the French Open tennis tournament, to name a few. Pierre has also been involved with the introduction of unique food/wine pairing training that is currently being used in several wine institutes to educate luxury hotel waiters. Through Sommailier, members will be able to discover this fun and unique educational content that will deliver the keys to better understanding French food & wine pairing!

pierre guillemin sommailier expert curator

Stephanie Naveau

Director of Marketing & Communication

Stephanie is Laurent’s cousin, and like everyone in her family, her roots in the wine industry run deep. Born and raised on her family’s vineyard in Bordeaux, Stephanie grew up experiencing the visceral sights, sounds and smells of winemaking. After studying International Marketing in Germany as well as Business and Supply Chain Management in France, she founded a startup selling French boutique wines. Stephanie spent many years traveling to different vineyards building her profound wine knowledge, refining her palate, and forming long term connections with the winemakers. She believes that winemaking is a noble profession, and wishes to spread the joy and magic of French wine to the US market. At Sommailier, Stephanie will be interviewing important guest winemakers, for a deeper understanding of the wines we showcase.

Stephanie-Naveau sommailier content writer
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