It can be tricky choosing a corporate wine gift especially when you don’t know the colleague or business acquaintance in question very well. Giving French wine as a corporate gift is a great idea thanks to its effortlessly chic image and the huge range of styles available which mean you’re guaranteed to find a bottle to suit everyone. 

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Sophisticated & Professional

Corporate gifting can be an excellent way to cement key business relationships and set the stage for future collaboration. This is why it is so crucial to select the right gift which sets a professional tone while also genuinely impressing your intended recipient. French wine makes the perfect corporate gift thanks to its effortlessly chic image which evokes memories of trips to Europe and delicious dinners at classic French restaurants accompanied by fantastic local wines. 

Giving French wine shows your recipient that you and your company are both thoughtful and professional and helps set the tone for a successful business relationship with the lucky recipient. When your recipient chooses to open and enjoy that bottle, perhaps with family or friends, they’ll immediately be reminded of your generosity. 

Stand Out From The Crowd

Deciding to give a corporate wine gift also helps your business stand out from the crowd. According to the American Express Semi-Annual Small Business Monitor, the most common corporate gifts are cards or calendars (49%) and company branded items (23%). In comparison wine clocks in at just 10% of total corporate gifting. I know which one I’d rather receive!

It’s important to remember that your corporate gifts reflect directly on how your company is perceived. Giving top quality bottles of French wine sends a clear signal that your company is serious, professional and also has impeccable taste. 

Unique Wines You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

A big advantage of purchasing your corporate gifts from somMailier is that all of our boutique French wines are exclusively imported to the U.S.A. by our founder Laurent Yung who grew up in his family’s vineyard in Bordeaux. Together with his brother, Laurent regularly scours the land searching for the very best bottles which you won’t find on sale anywhere else in the United States. This means that when you give a bottle of wine from somMailier you are giving something truly unique which has been carefully crafted by French families who have been making wine for generations.

Sustainable & Organic Choices

Global concerns about the environment continue to grow, so it’s important your company is mindful of these when selecting corporate gifts. The majority of our wines are purchased from small family-run businesses who have been making wine for generations and have a very close connection with their ancestral land. Winemaking and grape growing is carefully regulated by the EU to minimise the impact on the environment and many French wineries have already adopted organic agricultural practices. 

One example is the magnificent Château Bonnange in Bordeaux which produces one of somMailier’s most popular red wines from organically-grown Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Choosing these types of corporate gifts shows to your recipient that your company takes its values seriously and is committed to protecting the environment.

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A Wide Choice Of Styles

Another big advantage of giving French wine is the sheer diversity of wines available. France is a vast country with seven main wine-producing regions and thousands of smaller appellations which each produce a distinctive style of wine. This diversity makes it easy to find a corporate wine gift to please every palate.

In the north there is the magnificent Champagne region which has been producing their famous sparkling wines for several centuries. A little further to the south is Burgundy which is renowned for silky smooth reds made of Pinot Noir and whites crafted from Chardonnay. Even within this region there is huge variety; the northerly Burgundian sub-region of Chablis is known for its crisp and fresh whites while the Macon in the south typically produces lusciously rich Chardonnay wines which are often fermented and aged in oak barrels.


 If you know your intended recipient loves big bold red wines, France has a wealth of options to choose from. Why not pick a hearty red from Chateauneuf-du-Papes in the Rhone Valley down in southern France or a robust Bordeaux like our Margaux from famous winemaker Denis Lurton. These wines are great if you’re looking to impress an important business contact since they have a fantastic reputation and rank amongst France’s finest wines.

Alternatively, if you’re after something a bit lighter for a summer gift why not consider our delicate Provence rosé from Château de Fontcreuse which is ideal for sipping poolside or dining al fresco. This can be a great choice to give to those who are just beginning their journey into the world of wine since it is very likeable and easy to drink.

Ageworthy Gifts

Another unique feature of giving wine as a corporate gift is that your gift can last a very long time, reminding your recipient of your generosity well into the future. Wines like our magnificent Domaine Rapet Pernand Vergelesses 2017 from Burgundy will easily age in the cellar for another decade or so thanks to the firm structure and plentiful tannins. Don’t be put off if you know your recipient doesn’t have a dedicated wine cellar – wines can be successfully stored in other areas of the home as long as they are kept at a fairly constant temperature away from sources of heat or cold and from strong light. A basement space can be a good alternative as long as it doesn’t get too hot or cold during summer and winter.

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Quality wines like this from Bordeaux and Chateauneuf-du-Pape will actually improve over the next few years, so you can even add a note advising your recipient to hold onto it for a few years if they can. This not only shows how thoughtful you are and how much you know about wine, but it also ensures they will have a constant reminder of your generosity tucked away in their cellar or wine store. Talk about a gift that just keeps giving!

Personalised Recommendations

Another advantage of giving wine as a corporate gift is that you can ask a wine expert for their advice on choosing the perfect bottle for your recipient to make sure you get something special. somMailier founder Laurent Yung comes from a long line of Bordeaux winemakers and together with his family he selects exceptional French wines from small family-run wineries and local co-operatives. Laurent is always happy to recommend a spectacular bottle from the somMailier portfolio if you’re looking for that special corporate gift you just have to get right.

Give A Wine Subscription

If you have a business contact you really need to impress, consider giving them a subscription to a wine club. Perfect for both wine enthusiasts and those new to the world of wine, somMailier delivers a curated selection of small-production French wines direct to your recipient’s door every quarter. Each quarterly box includes detailed wine cards describing each wine and you can also add a gift card to the first box to make sure your recipient knows who sent it.

All you need to do is choose the number of bottles per quarterly box (three or six) and decide whether you want to give all reds, all whites, or a mix of the two. This allows you to personalise your box to perfectly suit your recipient, and to include a larger number of bottles if you plan to send the wines to an office environment to be shared amongst employees.

The wine club gift subscription model also allows you plenty of flexibility to customise your order to match your corporate gifting requirements since you can specify the number of quarterly deliveries you would like. For one-off corporate gifts you can simply choose to send a single box of our delicious boutique French wines, but for those with a larger budget you can consider sending quarterly boxes over the course of an entire year. This is a great way to ensure your company remains at the forefront of your recipient’s mind!

Order A Gift Subscription

Has this whetted your appetite to learn more about French wine? We’re here to help! Why not check out our French wine club. Every three months we send direct to your door three or six bottles of boutique French wines which have been carefully selected by our family and wine experts in France along with detailed information about each wine and food pairing ideas to help you really discover French wine. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have a wine club gift option for that special wine lover in your life!