We all know that these are uncertain times. Online wine sales are booming as more and more people look for safe and secure ways to shop and opportunities for unique experiences which can be enjoyed from the comfort of their own home. With less opportunities to enjoy food and wine outside the home, Americans are embracing the convenience of online wine deliveries. According to the market research company Nielsen, weekly online sales of alcohol are up to 477% higher during the pandemic compared to the same time last year.

So, what are the benefits of ordering wine online and what should you be aware of when choosing where to shop online?

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Safe And Secure

One obvious benefit of buying wine online is that its a safe and secure method of shopping since it can all be done from the comfort of your sofa, or using your smartphone wherever you happen to be. It’s a stress-free mode of shopping with no need to drive to the store, search the shelves, and queue up to pay for your bottles before dragging them all home and unpacking them. Online wine orders are packed and dispatched efficiently and delivered right to your door in a short time frame. 

This makes it a really great option for both busy working parents with limited time and those who have mobility issues or would prefer to stay at home rather than shopping in person. 

Taste Something New

Ordering wine online can also be an opportunity to taste something new that has been selected by a true wine expert. Our wine selection at somMailer is carefully curated by our founder Laurent Yung along with his brother Patrick who runs a wine sourcing business in Paris. The Yung brothers are descendants of a five generation family making wine in Bordeaux and have amazing contacts all over France which allows us to source delicious wines from small family-run producers. 

Since we are the exclusive importers of our wines, you won’t find them available anywhere else in the USA, making this a truly unique opportunity to try something new. When you order a wine box from us you can rest assured we’ve done all the hard work for you by putting together a delicious selection with something to please every palate. 

Trying out new wines is a great way to learn more about the world of wine and to hone your palate as well! You’ll quickly discover which wines are your new favorites and over time you’ll learn to recognise the distinctive flavor profiles of certain grape varieties and particular regions. 

For example, Pinot Noir from Burgundy tends to be medium bodied with plenty of freshness, fine tannins and bright red fruit flavors and aromas. On the other extreme, Syrah-based wines from the Rhone Valley tend to be powerful and full-bodied with rich dark fruit flavors, hints of leather and spice, and firm tannins and a long finish.

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Unique Access To Artisanal Wines

Buying wines online also gives you unique access to wines that you wouldn’t find in local superstores and wine shops. Our wide selection of wines are largely sourced from small artisanal producers that may only make a few thousand bottles per year. 

One great example is Chateau de Portets in Graves in the south of the Bordeaux region which is run by somMailier founder Laurent’s cousin, Marie-Helene Yung Theron. Our somMailier members may remember trying her stunning 2018 white Graves and red Grand Vin Graves 2015 which are exclusively imported to the USA by somMailier. 

Over in Burgundy another of our favorite wineries is Domaines Famille Picard is run by the talented winemaker Francine Picard who joined her family’s business in in the 1990s. Today she makes artisanal Burgundy wines on their 85 hectare domaine set around the impressive and historic Château of Chassagne-Montrachet.

The domaine’s extensive vineyards are spread across a diverse variety of different Burgundy villages and appellations which enables the family to produce a wealth of delicious wines with distinctive characters. The wines are carefully matured in the chateau’s cellars which date back to the 11th and 14th centuries. Buying wine online gives you special access to these limited edition wines which don’t usually make it to our shores!

Greater Control Over Your Shopping

Buying wine online can give you greater control over your shopping since there is far more information available online than in the supermarket or wine shop. You can easily find out everything about a wine via Google or the online wine store and check it’s a wine you’ll like before deciding to make a purchase. Our wine cellar is stocked with great options which you can browse at your leisure, allowing you to take as much time as you want over your shopping. 

Every single one of our wine boxes also contains a detailed wine information card so when you do receive your order you can find out all about each wine. The cards give tasting notes and suggested food pairings for each wine as well as telling the story of the family and the winery, connecting you directly with the people who make our wines over in France. 

If you do need help with your order, Laurent is always on hand to offer personalised advice and put together a selection of wines from our cellar to match your exact needs. All you need to do is email him at info@sommailier.com

Try A Wine Club 

If you like trying new things or don’t always know which wines to choose, why not consider trying a wine club? somMailier puts together an awesome selection of artisanal French wines each quarter which we deliver direct to your door. 

This makes it really easy to order wine online since all you have to do is enter your wine preferences (all reds, all whites, or a mixture of the two) and choose the quantity of wine you need (3 or 6 bottles per quarter). You can also customise your subscription to run from just a one-off box right up to two years of wine club boxes (8 deliveries in total). 

When you join a wine club you can look forward to receiving an exciting selection of carefully-curated wines every quarter. Why not see it as an opportunity to take a virtual trip to France, and pair your wines with some traditional French foods? Or if that sounds like too much hard work, pick up some French cheeses and charcuterie for a true taste of life in France from the comfort of your own living room.

Joining a wine club is also a way to try wines that you wouldn’t necessarily have considered buying yourself and discover new favorites. You could even host a family wine tasting at home and use the wine information cards to see who has the best palate! Wine clubs can be great ways to spark a new hobby and learn more about the fascinating world of wine without even leaving the house.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what somMailier wine club member Sergio has to say about us:

“Sommailier is exactly what we’ve been waiting for! Authentic French wine from small family vineyards delivered right to our home. We always love exploring California wines, but now Sommailier lets us discover an entirely new wine landscape.”

Has this whetted your appetite to learn more about French wine? We’re here to help! Why not check out our French wine club. Every three months we send direct to your door three or six bottles of boutique French wines which have been carefully selected by our family and wine experts in France along with detailed information about each wine and food pairing ideas to help you really discover French wine. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have a wine club gift option for that special wine lover in your life!