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In celebration of Earth Day coming up this Thursday, April 22, we compiled a list of ways to reuse and upcycle your wine corks and empty wine bottles. These simple wine DIYs are great for making sustainable décor for your home and garden. If you try a wine DIY or two for Earth Day with your somMailier corks or empties, be sure to tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook!

Wine DIY #1: Wine Cork Trivets

Do you have a collection of wine corks that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Wine cork trivets are an easy do-it-yourself project that you can do in just a few minutes. Not only do they look cute and add character to your kitchen, they’re also functional. Whether you’re whipping up some Coq Au Vin or just baked a fresh Tarte Tartin, protect your table with adorable wine cork trivets like the one pictured above from DIY Network.

Wine DIY #2: Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

If you’re feeling a little bit craftier and more adventurous, try bringing some more life into your garden or outside your balcony by upcycling a wine bottle into a bird feeder. Check out this post on Down Home Inspiration for directions on how to build a wine bottle bird feeder.

Wine DIY #3: Wine Cork Coasters

Highlight your favorite somMailier wines by keeping the corks and using them to make coasters. This DIY is really simple, and they would also make the second perfect gift for a wine lover. (The first is obviously sending somMailier as a gift.) To do this quick and easy craft, gather 4 corks for every coaster that you want to make, a hot glue gun, and a piece of cork roll or felt. Cut the corks in half lengthwise with a sharp knife. To make the corks easier to cut for this project and any other wine DIY, just boil the corks in water for about 10 minutes. Next, lay the cork halves out in a pattern like the one above on top of your cork roll or felt. Then, cut the square of cork or felt and hot glue the flat side of each wine cork halve to the material. Voilà! Your first wine cork coaster is done.

Wine DIY #4: Wine Bottle Vase

Another fantastic way to highlight your favorite somMailier wines is using them as vases. You can repurpose them as they already are or look up how to cut a wine bottle if you need a wider neck on the vase for larger bouquets.

Wine DIY #5: Wine Cork Magnets

For an alternative use of your cork collection, simply cut the corks lengthwise and attach a magnet to the flat side for fun oenophile magnets.

Wine DIY #6: Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Add more wine style to your front porch or backyard with a delightful wine bottle wind chime. The Apple Street Cottage wrote a great guide to this wine DIY, and the author of the blog even added some wine corks as part of the chime.

Wine DIY #7: Wine Cork Bath Mat

Another great use for all your wine corks, especially if you have accumulated quite a lot of them, is a DIY wine cork bath mat. Sustain My Craft Habit has a great tutorial for you to follow to create a mat like theirs pictured above.

Wine DIY #8: Wine Bottle Plant Waterers

After quenching your thirst for wine, keep your plants from getting thirsty with a DIY wine bottle plant waterer. All you need for this do-it-yourself gardening hack is an empty wine bottle and some water. Read how to do it on Birds and Blooms.

Happy Earth Day from somMailier!

We hope you enjoy these fun up-cycling wine DIY crafts, and don’t forget to tag us if you post your own on social media! You can also find links to these do-it-yourself wine projects and more on our Pinterest under our Wine Bottle & Cork DIYs board.

If you’re in need of more bottles and corks to do these crafts, you can always re-order your favorites from our wine cellar, join the club, and/or send amazing French wine as a gift to a loved one who might share their recycling or do the crafts with you!

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