Elevate Your Thanksgiving with Expert Wine Tasting Tips

wine tasting tips

Thanksgiving is a time for warmth, gratitude, and shared moments around the table. Hosting a memorable gathering involves more than just exquisite dishes; it’s also about enhancing the experience with perfectly paired wines. In this guide, unlock the secrets of wine tasting to impress your guests this Thanksgiving. Explore SomMailier’s collection of expertly curated French wines, tailored to elevate your celebrations.

Setting the Stage for Wine Tasting

Creating the right ambiance and preparing your guests for a delightful wine-tasting experience is key.

SomMailier’s Wine Selection for Thanksgiving

For a wine tasting session, it’s important to have several wines to try, to get different flavors from different regions and grape varieties: Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc! You can use the wines in the SomMailier packages and add your own wine reserves if you have any.

To make the tasting more memorable and to be able to project yourself into each bottle, try telling the story or an anecdote about each wine!
In our SomMailier wine package, we always include a map to give you information on the history and regions of the wines you order.

The Art of Wine Tasting

Understanding the basics of wine tasting allows you to appreciate and discuss the wines with confidence.

Wine Tasting Steps

Guide your guests through the basic steps of wine tasting: observing the color and clarity, inhaling the aromas, savoring the flavors, and assessing the finish. Encourage them to express what they perceive, helping them build their wine vocabulary and confidence.

Pairing Wines with Thanksgiving Dishes

Demonstrate how different wines complement various Thanksgiving dishes. For instance, show how a Chardonnay enhances the flavors of roasted turkey or how a Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with cranberry sauce. Encourage guests to explore and identify their preferred pairings.

Discover our guide to pair wines with Thanksgiving dishes. 

Tasting Techniques

thanksgiving and christmas wine tasting

Teach simple tasting techniques that enhance the wine experience without being overwhelming.

Swirling and Sniffing

Encourage gentle swirling to aerate the wine and release aromas. Guide guests in identifying scents like fruits, spices, or oak. Help them understand how these scents translate into flavors.

Sipping and Savoring

Encourage small sips, allowing the wine to coat the palate. Guide guests to notice the different taste sensations – sweetness, acidity, tannins, and body. Discuss the wine’s finish, whether it’s short, lingering, or complex.

Engaging Wine Conversations

wine moments

Facilitate discussions that encourage guests to share their thoughts and impressions.

Sharing Impressions

Invite guests to share their experiences and preferences without fear of judgment. Encourage open discussions about their favorite aromas, flavors, and pairings. This interactive sharing fosters a more engaging tasting session.

SomMailier’s Wine Stories

Share interesting anecdotes and stories about the wines from SomMailier. Highlight the regions, winemaking techniques, and unique characteristics of the French wines offered. Engage your guests by making wine appreciation both informative and entertaining.


Impressing your guests at Thanksgiving with expert wine tasting is about creating a welcoming and educational environment. By introducing SomMailier’s curated selection, teaching basic tasting steps, exploring pairings, and encouraging engaging conversations, you’ll elevate your guests’ appreciation of wines. Transform your Thanksgiving celebration into an enriching experience where delicious food meets perfectly paired wines, creating lasting memories around the table. Cheers to a Thanksgiving filled with delightful sips and shared moments!

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